Imad Ghreiwati – Pharmacies

Imad Ghreiwati – Pharmacies 

Simplifying Health, At Every Step 

Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacies began its journey in 2001. Under the leadership of Dr. Imad Ghreiwati and his loyal team at Imad Ghreiwati Clinic, they established the first Imad Ghreiwati pharmacy in Dubai. Just like Imad Ghreiwati Clinic, the mission at Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacies is to instill hope and simplify life for our customers. 

At Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacies, we are committed to offering the best. Whether it is through broadening our products or incorporating modern technology, we strive to be ahead. Today, Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacy operates in over 15 stores across Dubai. With over 20 years of combined experience, Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacy offers exceptional care at affordable prices. In addition to clinics and pharmacies, the Imad Ghreiwati Group also runs nutrition centers in Dubai. 

Since the beginning, we have understood the value of quality care. That is why, no matter how much we grow, we will be united under one simple goal: to simplify health at every step. Because when health is made easy, life becomes beautiful. 

Our Services 

Home Delivery 

Thanks to our online store and mobile app, delivery is easy. With our online store, you have the entire pharmacy at your fingertips. Receive unrestricted access to multilingual pharmacists, 24/7 customer care, and prompt delivery. 

Reward Program 

Get great rewards with Imad Ghreiwati Loyalty Program. Earn points at checkout and receive amazing discounts and more. 


As a part of simplifying healthcare, we have introducedced teleconsultations at Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacy. From ENT to cardiology, our doctors are happy to help you from the comfort of your homes. 

Our Brands 

All the brands you need under one roof

  • A: A&D Medical, A-Ret, Abena, ACC, Acc-Check, Acc-Fine, Accurete, Acetamol, ACM, Acnerex, Acretin, Actifed, Actifol, Active, Activise, Activita, ActivLab Pharma, Acty Mask, Adol, Acuvue, Advil, After Bite, Agiolax, Aleract, Always, Aveeno, 
  • B: Babe, Baby Foot, Baby Goat, Badger, Banana Boat, Bass Brush, BD, Bebelac, Becozyme, Bepanthen, Betadine, Burer, Bio-Oil, Bioderma, Braun
  • C: C4 Collagen, Callus Peel, Candes, Carefree, Cetaphil, Clean & Clear, Clear Blue, Clear Eyes, Colgate, Cool & Cool, Crest, Curaprox
  • D: D-Protin, Daily Concepts, Deep Heat, Deep Freeze, Dentaid, Deskasan, Dentinox, Derma E, Dettol, Desert Essence, DHU, Docusol, Dr Organic, Dr. Clean, Dr. Gummies, Durex, Dynamic Health
  • E: Eden, Emco, Emoform, Energy Cosmetics, Eno, Ensure, Eucerin, Evian, Ezycare 
  • F: Fade Out, Fashy, Fashion Mask, Femibion, Fera Max, Fess, Filorga, Fine Guard, Flamingo, Flatuna, Felxitol, Flents, Fludrex, Folactive, Folitab, Futuro 
  • G: Garnier, Gaviscon, Gifrer, Gloup, Glow Radiance, Glysolid, Golad Collagen, Gynofit 
  • H: Hair Food, Hairvita, Halita, Hansaplast, Hartmann, Hawaiian Topic, Head & Shoulders, Health Pro, Hedrin, Hemani, Hemoclin, Hermesatas, High End Nutrition, Hongo Killer, Honibe, Huggies, Humana
  • I: Ice Power, iHealth, Iluma, Infajoy, Interpox, Iomi, Isis, Isdin, Isomar, Isoderm, Isla 
  • J: Jasper, Jobri, Joint Flex, Johnson & Johnson, Julphar, Just for Men
  • K: Kabrita, Kaminomoto, Kera Organica, Ketoscience, Kiddylicious, Kidles, Kids, Kin, Kiss, Kotex
  • L: L’oreal Paris, La Roche-Posay, Labello, Labo Transdermic, Ladymil, Leolyte, Les Zamis, Levian, Lifebuoy, Lil-Lets, Liptomil, Listerine, Lohmann & Rauscher, Loea, Lytess 
  • M: M. Asam, Maalox, Mabis, Makida, Manicare, Marnys, Martians, Mavala, Max, Max-On, Maxigesic, Maxon, Maybelline, Mebo, Medela, Media6, Medimax, Medix, Medrull, Megafood, Meridol, Mila D’ Opiz, Miradent, Moov, Mucosolvan, Mueller, Mustela 
  • N: Nair, Nano Seha, Naobay, NaturaNectar, Nature’s Answer, Nature’s Bounty, NeoCell, Nestle, Neutrogena, NewGel+, Nisita, Nivea, Nordic Naturals, Novalac, Novamed, Nutricia 
  • O: OA Quinoa, Obus Forme, Ocean Bio-Actif, Oh So Heavenly, Olay, Olympa, Omron, Optimum Nutrition, Oral B, Organic India, Otrivin 
  • P: Palmer’s, Pampers, Panadol, Panadrex, Paradontax, Pediasure, Petite Maison, Pharmaceris, Pharmaline, Philips, Philips Avent, Philips Respironics, Philips Sonicare, Phyto, Pic, Pigeon, Powerful Healthy Living, Prescriptives, Prime, Pritty, Proactiv, Probulin, Profoot, Prospan, Prell 
  • Q: Q-Folic 
  • R: R.O.C.S, Rare Essence, Rausch, Revlon, Rexona, Rexsol, Rio, Roma, Rossmax 
  • S: S-26, Sanitabant, Sashapure, Sebamed, Sensitive Skin Lab, Sensodyne, Similac, SmarkShake, Solgar, Strepsils, Sudocrem, Synergy 
  • T: Tabiflex, Tea Tree Therapy, Telfast, The Gummies Co., Theraband, Thuasne, Tisserand, Trind, Trisa, Tropicana Slim, Tynor 
  • U: Uni Spot, Uriage, Unosoft, Ursapharm, Unigrip, Uni-Crepe, Uni Spot 
  • V: Vallera, Vaseline, Veet, Vichy, Vicks, Vitabiotics, Vital Health, Vitamax, Vitane, Voltaren 
  • W: Welch Allyn, Wella, Wiley’s Finest, Wolaid, Woobamboo 
  • X: X-Lise, Xclusive, Xiomi 
  • Y: Yaya, Yerba Prima, You Theory, Yum Earth, Yuwell, Young Pretty 
  • Z: Zecuf, Zilox, Zwilling, Ziva 


Testimonial 1: Very helpful and professional service. I got everything sorted in no time! 

Testimonial 2: I got sick recently and had to use the teleconsultation service at Imad Ghreiwati Pharmacy. Have to say the whole process was so easy and fast. I got connected to a doctor who prescribed me what to do. And since they also have an online store, I could purchase my medicine and get them delivered to my home. Very good experience overall. Thank you! 

Testimonial 3: Great app. Love how easy and prompt the interface is. Apart from that, I also got the medicine under an hour. It’s wonderful that they made the whole purchase so easy. 

Testimonial 4: Great pharmacy equipped with all medicines. The staff there were also very accommodating and explained everything patiently. Thank you.